Guinea – The Soulful Heartbeat of Africa

A visit to Guinea offers a unique opportunity to embrace African culture and history within one of the continents best landscapes. Prepare to be sonically overwhelmed as the vibrancy and rhythm of this wondrous nation infects you.

Travel with Adventure Holiday Africa

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During the tourist season between January and July, Adventure Holiday Africa offer day trips and customized tours that highlight the best of Guinea. They offer slave tours that take in the history of the region and the old slave towns, you may see people who resemble people you know as each tribe has recognizable characteristics. Adventure Holiday Africa invite you to join one of their tours to explore the fascinating landscape, appreciate its dramatic cultural and social diversity.

Travel with Adventure Holiday Africa and explore a land of dramatic contrasts, romance and a people with a fine sense of humor and hospitality. They offer guided tours for singles, couples, families and small groups; each crafted and managed with the highest level of care and professionalism. Their cultural tours will bring you to the heart of Guinea and an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. As a tour company, they are aware that your vacation is a special event and they will work hard to make your trip a unique experience. Tell Adventure Holiday Africa what kind of experience you want and they can tailor a tour for you.

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African Experiences


The Djembe
Guinea Experience of African Drum and Dance



Wonderful Nature
The landscape of Guinea is attention grabbing and spectacular – a land of unspoilt beauty



Guinean Gems
Everywhere you look, Guinea is full of hidden gems; but not only that, the country is actually full of real gems